Cantina Pegoraro

We are located in Barbarano Mossano in the Berici Hills, a small pearl in the heart of the industrious Veneto, known for its prehistoric caves, fountains, water mills and for being in the classic area of ​​production of the most characteristic vines of these hills. Our story begins here, in an ancient convent of 1200, which has become home and cellar over the years.

We are a family-run winery, enthusiastic and busy, strong from the experience of years spent between vines, barrels and bottles, which has been able to look forward to renewing winemaking spaces and technologies. We believe in our land, from long time with a high wine vocation, and in the strength of having local varieties, such as Tai Red and Garganega, so unique and of great potential that allow us to offer wines both elegant and immediate. of character and decisive personality.

Cantina Pegoraro is

Enrico, Pasquale, Franca, Alessandro and Valeria.

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