Cantina Pegoraro

We are a family-run winery located in a small, beautiful village, sorrounded by vineyards and woods in the heart of Berici hills, in the classic wine production area . Our story begins here, in Barbarano Mossano, in an ancient convent of the XII century, which has become a house and wine cellar over the years.
The local and traditional varieties of grapes represent for us roots, value, the present and the future for this reason our production focuses on the classic Tai rosso, Tai, Garganega along with the glorious Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah. Grapes so unique and of great potential allow us to offer elegant wines that are personally followed in every step: from the vines care to the manual grapes harvest, in our eight hectares of vineyards, from the vinification to the bottling in our simple and equipped cellar.

Cantina Pegoraro is

Enrico, Pasquale, Franca, Alessandro and Valeria.

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