The Vineyards

Our vineyards are located on the hills of Mossano, between woods and plantations, in the South-East area of the Berici Hills – in the heart of the DOC area. Our soils are mainly made of limestone and clay. Our vines are in part old vines, 60 years old, and in part new ones that grow with different vine cultivation methods like double courtain and Guyot without any type of irrigation. We consider the vineyard the firts main step to realise quality wines: we chosen organic fertilization, manual mowing of weeds, optimized management of plant diseases with natural products to ensure an excellent biodiversity. Certainly this involve daily attention and commitment in all seasons, a constant human presence and feeling, to be ready to intervene when and where it is needed and to be vigilant observers when time requires it. Our production focus on the most indigenous varieties like the Tai Rosso (Tocai rosso), a flagship of these lands, the Garganega and the white Tai : all of these grapes represent for us identity, roots, value, past and future. We still grow also the ancient, common and glorious Cabernet, Syrah and Merlot.

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